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3D Imaging Technology

Village Green Dentistry in Lincolnshire, IL recently added the new 3D imaging technology to their state of the art office, to provide 3D imaging to their patients. The 3D technology of the OP300 CBCT Scan enables Dr. Dmitry Sokol of Village Green Dentistry, to obtain the highest quality 3D image with minimal radiation. Unlike a traditional spiral CT scanner, this 3D system utilizes cone beam CT technology and provides precise, crystal-clear digital images with less radiation exposure than a standard full set of dental x-rays.

This technology in 3D imaging with the OP300 allows Dr. Dmitry Sokol to choose the field of view, or scanning area, which best suits your specific treatment need. Dr. Sokol can treatment plan dental implant surgery and use this innovative technology to quickly and easily share the 3D images with you or with a specialist.

3d-image-example-1 3d-image-example-2 3d-image-example-3

LOGICON Caries (Cavities) Detection Software

Technology -  Logicon-Caries-Detector-SoftwareThis new technology is a computer-aided detection tool that helps dentists, like Dr. Dmitry Sokol in Lincolnshire, IL, identify and treat decay at an early stage. This advanced dental software is clinically proven to identify up to 20% more interproximal caries on permanent teeth than traditional methods.

This latest technology allows Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry to easily identify decay and helps prevent misdiagnosis of healthy teeth.

How the technology works…..

  • With a single click, Dr. Sokol can automatically scan all surfaces in between the teeth within the digital xrays, and immediately display the results.

Logicon Caries Detector Software is the only FDA-approved computer-aided radiographic caries diagnosis software available.

Digital X-Rays

Village Green Dentistry uses digital x-rays that reduce the amount of exposure by more than 98%. Digital x-rays can be enlarged to allow you to share in your diagnosis and treatment. Digital x-rays also gives us an immediate result that makes your dental appointment faster!

Dr. Sokol remains on the cutting edge of advances in dentistry. He has just updated his digital computer system to the new RVG6100.