Composite (Resin) Fillings

Your smile is one of the first things people notice. An attractive, healthy smile projects an image of confidence, beauty, and intelligence. It also makes you appear friendly and improves self-confidence. Because your smile has such a strong influence on how others perceive you, and how you feel about yourself, Dr. Sokol takes great care to preserve your natural smile by enhancing the color, shape, and contour of your teeth when restoring your smile with tooth colored dental resin fillings.

Dental caries, the disease that causes tooth decay, is widespread. Bacteria in the mouth, sugar, and tooth structure combine to cause dental decay. By age 17, nearly 80% of Americans have at least one cavity.

In years past, dentists restored tooth decay by placing amalgam fillings. These restorations are made of a variety of dark metals, including mercury, which can be toxic. An alternative dental material, composite resin, is made of a biocompatible plastic . In addition, composite resin fillings can be custom shaded to blend seamlessly with the tooth’s enamel, providing a natural life-like natural result. At Village Green Dentistry, we focus on a healthy functional outcome and a beautiful result.

If you’re interested in the health and beauty of your smile, and you’d like to experience contemporary, personalized patient care, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sokol at Village Green Dentistry. Our Lincolnshire dental office is conveniently located for patients who live in the Chicago North Shore suburbs of Lake Forest, Buffalo Grove, Vernon Hills, Libertyville, and surrounding areas.