The New Year brings new technology to Village Green Dentistry!

The New Year brings new technology to Village Green Dentistry of Lincolnshire, IL


  Introducing NOMAD: The handheld x-ray system by Aribex

This great new x-ray system that Dr. Sokol has brought into his state of the art dental office in Lincolnshire, has even less radiation than traditional dental x-rays.

Because of its innovative internal shielding, NOMAD is not only safe for patients, but also for the staff at Village Green Dentistry to use it handheld, making the process of taking x-rays quicker and more seamless.

The x-ray tube and collimator are enclosed in a proprietary compound that blocks radiation leakage.  The leaded acrylic shield at the front of the NOMAD provides the operator with a “zone of protection” from back-scatter radiation during the actual exposure.

More than 30 independent studies and evaluations attest to the safety of NOMAD handheld x-ray system.   Patient exposure is reduced by 63%, and the comparison of dental staff exposure between NOMAD and conventional wall-mounted x-rays systems indicate levels are significantly less with NOMAD.


For more questions about NOMAD or to schedule a dental appointment, please contact Dr. Sokol and the Village Green Dentistry staff at 847-634-3848.  You can also request an appointment online, and find us on Facebook and Yelp.


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