Lincolnshire Dentist, Dmitry Sokol, D.D.S., reminds us to utilize any remaining dental insurance benefits for 2016.

time concept passing , hourglass on wood

The end of the year will be here before we know it!  Call Dr. Dmitry Sokol’s Lincolnshire dental office to make your next dental appointment and be sure to utilize any remaining dental insurance benefits or flex spend dollars before they expire.

If you have questions regarding dental preventative care or dental treatment needs, or to verify your remaining dental insurance benefits, let Village Green Dentistry’s office staff know and they’ll be happy to assist you.

**Request a dental appointment with Dr. Sokol on Village Green Dentistry’s website, or give the office a call at 847-634-3848.**

**Dmitry Sokol, D.D.S. and Village Green Dentistry are also on Facebook.  Like the Lincolnshire dental office’s page and you can request a dental appointment.**

Dr. Dmitry Sokol and the entire dental staff at Village Green Dentistry looking forward to seeing you soon!



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