Dr. Sokol introduces new technology to his Lincolnshire office!

Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry always stays on top of new dental technology that improves on patient care.

LOGICON Caries (Decay) Detector Software is a computer-aided detection tool that helps dentists, like Dr. Sokol in Lincolnshire, IL, identify and treat decay at an early stage.  This advanced dental software is clinically proven to help dentists, such as Dr. Sokol, find more decay in between the teeth than with traditional methods, such with x-rays or oral examinations.

It also allows Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry to easily identify decay and helps prevent misdiagnosis of healthy teeth.

This new dental technology automatically highlights possible abnormalities shown with dental x-rays, calculates the probability that decay is present and recommends whether a restoration by Dr. Sokol should be considered.

With a single click, Dr. Sokol can automatically scan all surfaces in between the teeth within the digital xrays, and immediately display the results. This provides Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry with an initial assessment of the state of caries.

Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry stresses that there is no substitute for personal care and regular dental checkups.  But with this software, Dr. Sokol can diagnosis decay at an early stage, making treatment the least invasive.

Give Village Green Dentistry a call to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam with Dr. Sokol and see this new technology first hand.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment,  please contact Dr. Sokol’s Lincolnshire, IL office at 847-634-3848 or email us at



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