Village Green Dentistry protects your kids’ smiles with these great tips

Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry commonly hears parents ask:

“When should I start brushing my kid’s teeth?

The answer?  As soon as they get their first tooth!

Tooth decay and oral health deterioration in young kids is epidemic these days.   Using fluoride toothpaste as suggested by Dr. Sokol and Dr. Boettcher of Village Green Dentistry, can block cavities by helping to re mineralize areas of teeth that are exposed to bacterial acids.

Bring children in early!  Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry suggests bringing children for a dental appointment by their first birthday.  Most adults need a dental checkup and oral health exam two times a year – the same goes for children.  Dr. Dmitry Sokol and Dr. Thomas Boettcher conduct thorough exams, obtain a dental history, and review with parents proper brushing and flossing habits to prevent tooth decay.  By bringing children in to Village Green Dentistry for their routine dental visits and oral health evaluations, decay can be treated early.

Get the right tools.  Using the right tools has a large impact on oral health.  For infants, a soft, infant toothbrush or gum wipes once a day is recommended for teeth that haven’t erupted yet.  A tip from Dr. Sokol is to avoid sharing spoons and cups, as cavity-causing bacteria can be transmitted.  Also, don’t be tempted to dip pacifiers in anything sweet – that habit will lead to serious tooth decay and deteriorating oral health.  Once teeth start erupting, Dr. Sokol and Dr. Boettcher of Village Green Dentistry recommend using a soft bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, after breakfast and before bedtime.   Once 6 year molars come in, continue to brush with your child, or have them brush first while you review after to make sure the back teeth get the attention they need.

Focus on technique.  Using good technique is just as important – if not more important – as having the right tools.  Dr. Sokol of Village Green Dentistry guides patients to brush in a tiny circular motion aiming toward the gums, for your oral health.  Dr. Sokol and Dr. Boettcher recommended brushing for 2 minutes, but understand it can be tough with little ones!  If that’s an issue, focus on that technique rather than the time spent.

Floss, floss, floss!  Dr. Sokol and Dr. Boettcher stress that it’s NOT an option to floss little ones’ teeth.  Once teeth come in and are touching each other, flossing is the only way to get all the food and plaque out in order to maintain great oral health.  Village Green Dentistry suggests flossers, as they are great for children, but still stresses paying attention to technique here as well.  It’s important to pull the floss firmly against the sides of the teeth.

Call Dr. Sokol and Dr. Boettcher of Village Green Dentistry in Lincolnshire, IL to schedule an appointment for cleanings, exams, and oral health evaluations to make sure you’re maintaining the oral health of your young children.  847-634-3848

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