5 Tips To Stay Cavity Free This Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner!  The staff at Village Green Dentistry in Lincolnshire, IL want to help keep your and your kids’ teeth healthy without giving up all the sweet treats. 


Follow these 5 great tips:

#1: Don’t eliminate candy completely

After your children get back from trick-or-treating or a party, go through their bags of Halloween candy together. Pick out a small number of pieces – the ones they like the best – and get the unpicked treats out of sight. You can donate them or freeze them if you can’t bear to throw them out.

Letting children help decide what is a reasonable amount of candy to keep has benefits beyond good oral health. The message isn’t “candy is bad,” but that candy and other sweets, in excess, can lead to cavities.

#2: Set a “Treat Time” to help prevent cavities

Make it a ritual and establish a “treat time”.  This may last long after Halloween and help promote healthy thinking about treats.  Knowing they have a specific sweet time can help make children less inclined to think about eating sweets at other times of the day.  Children learn that eating sweets shouldn’t be an all-day feast.  Moderation is key.

#3:  Set up a teeth brushing schedule

Have a “treat time”?  Then make a “teeth brushing time”!  Whether it’s day or night,  brushing and flossing after “treat time” will help sweep away the recent sweets and prevent cavities.  Fluoride mouth rinses for kids also help prevent tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association.

#4: Use disclosing tabs

Parents can use disclosing tablets or solution, just like at the dentist, to show children how well they are brushing or flossing their teeth.   A 12-pack of disclosing tablets is available over the counter and online for about $5.

#5: Keep Teeth Brushing Fun

Make Halloween a time to get a new toothbrush!  Making this part of the holiday can help keep kids excited to brush regularly.  Also look into getting fun shaped flossers.  Contact the office at Village Green Dentistry to pick up either and keep your kids encouraged!

Dmitry Sokol, D.D.S, Thomas Boettcher, D.D.S., and the staff at Village Green Dentistry also recommend tooth timers to ensure that kids are brushing for an adequate amount of time.  Stop by their North Shore office to request any of these materials.

Enjoy this upcoming Halloween!  Just make sure to continue with good oral health and keep your kids (and yourself) cavity-free.  Give Dmitry Sokol, D.D.S and Thomas Boettcher, D.D.S. at Village Green Dentistry a call if you have any questions. 847-634-3848


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