The Northern Illinois Oral Cancer Awareness Walk – Join our team and receive 10% off!

Dr. Sokol and the staff of Village Green Dentistry in Lincolnshire, IL are showing their continued support of oral cancer awareness by participating in The Oral Cancer Awareness Walk, sponsored by the Oral Cancer Foundation this upcoming June. The event is going to be held at Arlington Park, in Arlington Heights, IL on June 10th, 2012 starting at 8:00 AM.  This event is for all ages and is the 1st oral cancer awareness walk being held in northern Illinois, including the north shore.

Members and friends of the Northern Illinois Dental Community are excited to host this groundbreaking event.  Oral cancer, which includes the head and neck region, is taking more lives than many other cancers we routinely hear about; killing one American per hour! The most significant effort to reduce the death rate from oral cancer is coming from early detection and increased awareness of this disease.  Our approximate 5-mile walk will aim to educate participants about many of the current facts and trends related to oral cancer and conclude with a free oral cancer screening provided by dental volunteers, including members of the Village Green Dentistry team.  All proceeds raised will benefit the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Sokol, Dr. Boettcher, and the staff of Village Green Dentistry provided free oral cancer screenings at their Lincolnshire office to 86 patients during April 2012 to show their support of this great cause.

Please show your support and join Village Green Dentistry’s team!  For more information or to join/donate, please click the link below.

To all those who contribute to this great cause, whether by walking or donating, will receive a FREE oral cancer screening by Dr. Sokol or his staff AND will also receive 10% off a purchase of an Oral-B electric toothbrush purchased from Village Green Dentistry. 

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